Glass Options

Innovation to Stop Energy Loss

Platinum windows are available with a variety of energy-efficient glass packages. These impressive glass packages combine advanced features to provide increased resistance to temperature fluctuations and help keep your home comfortable year round.

Low-e glass
LOW E GLASS Designed to efficiently and transparently reflect heat, this glass helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Argon Krypton gassARGON /KRYPTON Argon Gas, 190% more dense than air, slows down the movement of the air within the airspace, reducing the transfer of heat to cold for improved energy efficiency. Similar to Argon gas, Krypton gas is three times heavier and provides superior thermal efficiency. Krypton gas works best in narrow air space, making it the best choice when using triple pane glass.

Platinum Foam Filled FrameFOAM FILLED FRAME Foam filled frame and sashes increase the insulating value of the window by up to 30%. This translates into a 3-8% improvement in the window’s overall U-Value, enhancing condensation resistance and improving frame rigidity.

The charts below make it easy to compare the glass performance. The lower the U-Factor, the less energy you’ll need to heat your home.

Energy-Smart Glass Package

A dual pane  7/8″ I.G. utilizing a softcoat LowE Glass, Argon filled air spaces, and Ultra Intercept® Spacer.

Window Type U-Factor
Double Hung 0.30
Slider 0.30
Casement 0.28
Picture 0.29

A dual pane, double strength 7/8″ I.G. unit featuring a softcoat LowE Glass, Argon Gas, Foam Filled Frame and Sashes and an Ultra Intercept® Spacer.

Window Type U-Factor
Double Hung 0.28
Slider 0.28
Casement 0.27
Picture 0.26
Energy-Elite Glass Package

A dual pane single strength 7/8″ I.G. unit featuring triple silver LowE Glass, Argon Gas, Foam Filled Frame and Sashes and an Ultra Intercept® Spacer.

Window Type U-Factor
Double Hung 0.27
Slider 0.27
Casement 0.27
Picture 0.26
R-5 Glass Package

A triple pane 7/8″ single strength I.G. unit using two surfaces of softcoat LowE Glass, a blend of Argon and Krypton Gas filled airspaces, Foam Filled Frame and Sashes, and Tin Plated Intercept® Spacer.

Window Type U-Factor
Double Hung 0.20
Slider 0.20
Casement 0.21
Picture 0.18


We Build With Green In Mind

In today’s world, it’s important to stay committed to environmental issues. That’s why we build our windows with energy efficiency in mind. By reducing energy consumption, you the homeowner, can reduce the household energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, creating a greener world. We recycle all non-contaminated glass, packaging material and vinyl minimizing the impact on our local landfills. Our vinyl is leadfree based, so it’s production requires no burning and as a result doesn’t emit harmful gases. Over the past 20 years, modern PVC vinyl has been found to perform positively in terms of product durability, energy efficiency, and insulation value. PVC is a highly recyclable material; more than one billion pounds are recycled annually. Our goal is to continue to develop products using less energy while saving consumers money and making the environment more comfortable.